The Story

I started my partnership and fundraising with Water For People in the winter of 2011. While traveling throughout the Middle East in the beginning of 2011, I witnessed people living in water depleted regions or without proper access to sanitary water conditions. This prompted my search for an international water development organization / charity once I returned to the United States. The prerequisites in finding a group to partner with included:

  • Programs on multiple continents

  • Programs in at least one nation with Spanish as the native language

  • 80% or more of expenses dedicated to programming

  • 20% or less of expenses dedicated to administration, marketing, and fundraising

  • A continual 4 star rating from Charity Navigator

After 3 months of research on international water development organizations, I decided that Water For People was the appropriate choice for me. A place where I could fit in; as an advocate, as a professional, and as a individual. 



Recent photos from @waterforpeople 

25th Anniversary

On Thursday, April 7 I participated as a volunteer for the 25th Anniversary at Mile High Station in Denver. It was a sensational night with the Malawi (In-Country) Program Director, Kate Harawa, spoke about the impact of Water For People on her communities, and how she has experienced real change. Real change for girls to go to school, get an education, and become empowered women in their communities for change issues like civic infrastructure, business, agriculture, health care, education, and family planning. Kate had hundreds of people captivated by her every word during the 25th Anniversary, and it was a delight to have heard it. 

Mission to $27,000

In 2013, I was on a mission to raise $27,000 for Water For People in my 27th year of life. I fell short of my $27,000 goal, and I am proud to have raised the $3,273 during my #dancerunwater campaign. "Dance-running" is something I've done to keep my runs interesting. When I dance run, I'm usually listening types of music that fall in the funk, blues, and disco genres (called "Nu Disco / "Electro-Disco" / "Nu-Funk"). For some of the playlists I dance-run to, visit my Spotify public playlists. The video (left) was shot myself with a GoPro in 2013 (in Denver). This video was edited by my brother, Ben Goldsmith, of Back Haüs Productions.  Most of the videos below are from Denver in 2013, with the exception of Long Beach, CA and Brooklyn, NY.