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Continental Breakup

This American Life is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.  Today, I heard the 'Continental Breakup' story, via the Planet Money team.  I felt that the overview of the Euro Debt Crisis by the Planet Money team was simple, thorough, and straightforward. A portion of the podcast that reveals the basics of Germany's position in the matter.

FOREWARNING: I don't believe this as truth, but the notion crossed my mind that Germany is carrying out one of the world's greatest Silent Economic Wars (consciously or sub-consciously).  It was just a momentary thought.

The way Planet Money describes their history; Germany has a prescribed history in opposition to printing money (thus resulting in economic inflation).  Therefore, I presume the consensus of the European Central Bank isn't at a majority or unanimous vote to print more money.

Now that I'm compelled, more research and information gathering must be done... I will leave it up to you to listen to the podcast and come up with your own conclusions.