Magna Main Parking Maps

Magna Main Parking Maps

I completed the Magna Main Street Parking Report for Salt Lake County's Economic Development Division. You can find the report and maps in the portfolioscape section of this website under the 'Documents' section.

The most rewarding part of this was spearheading the GIS collection, analysis, and delivery.  I authored the report, made the maps, and provided the spreadsheet tables throughout the document.  I don't have the resources at work to export everything into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for further formatting clarity.  If I did, I would do so.  Nancy, a colleague of mine, supported me in the field during data collection because she has better knowledge of parking regulations and ordinances in Salt Lake County.

If you have some time, please read the report and get back to me with your feedback.

(Disclaimer: This isn't a final document for publishing. The results haven't been verified by Economic Development and haven't been approved for publishing.  The report is for academic purposes only.)

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