Geo-Statistics are fascinating quantitative measurements to look at.  The photo below illustrates my webpage's geo-analytics from February 2012 - August 2012.

Thanks to built-in WordPress software, I can see what countries are landing on my page and how frequently they arrive here.

Primary Reaction - Formulate Questions?  

  1. Of the 672 United States' visits, how many of those were me coming to my site?
  2. What is the [skewed] percentage of America visitors versus the rest of the world?
  3. Why has there only been 4 countries from Central and South America?
  4. What can I do to increase viewership and increase my chances of landed a more fulfilling job (I've been actively seeking a new job for the past 6 months.)?
  5. If I post in spanish, will that increase viewership in Spain, Central America, and South America?
  6. How can I connect my website to more international opportunities in mapping, GIS, cartography, visualization, data analysis?
  7. Is there a way to interact more often with people who visit this site?  Poll question?  Splash page? Survey?
  8. How do I make it more interactive with more communication between myself and the viewer?  What do they want to see?
  9. Are they getting good information?  Is it misleading?  Confusing?  Where are the spelling errors?
Answer to question 1...

This site's international reach is approximately 25%.   Therefore, 75% of the domestic traffic is between myself and other unique visitors.  I found the section "my-stats" that explains an average viewership of 5 unique visitors per day.  So if my realized viewership is four-a-day over the past 6 months, I can approximate 500-550 unique American visitors in that time frame.


Secondary Reaction: Create a project out of it...

I should write a brief summary of each country that has visited my website over the past 6-months.  The summary can touch on whether I've visited or not, what I know before some preliminary research, and what piques my interest about that given country (economics? politics? social justice? personalities? health? environment? tourism? landmarks? ecology? geology? technological future?  geographic information change? map history? war? etc...) and do the research on that topic. All of these topics create a future for international comprehension, perspective, and appreciation.