When I read this article title from NPR, I groaned with the thought that Americans are more dependent on their vehicles than ever before.  I then realized the article and analysis performed by The Detroit Free Press was concerning the car's ability to be dependable for their owners.  Therefore, the corresponding graph measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles.  I guess that is a good thing to curb auto-ownership-turnover.

The real question is if auto-manufacturers are providing initial quality service only on the front end and not on the back-end (say 8-12 years after you buy a brand-new car).

I was raised to buy used vehicles for cash/check and keep that vehicle until the yearly maintenance costs were greater than the cost of a 'new' used vehicle.  I plan on only buying a brand-new car when my savings are comfortable and my passive income > active income.

Work hard, escape the rat maze, and live without fiscal boundaries.