I saw this communication symbol on the sidewalk outside my office today. It inspired me to write a post on communication and humor (rightCopy - JWG).

The basis of relationships.  Dialogue, not monologue.  This is the part of life I think I'll always continue to work on, striving to get better.  It feels as if there unlimited potential for improving serious, professional, romantic, playful, sarcastic, etc... communication.  Recently, I've tried to develop playful wit and banter with others.  How do you view your communication style?

I feel that my strength lies in direct and honest communication.  Most of my friends and family approach me for an objective response to their issues or problems.  They know they are going to get my undivided attention and completely honest response.  I don't fudge the truth with them because I love them.

I am a horrible liar and a horrible comedian.  I am funniest when I am myself.  When I feel the 'need' to be "funny", I am repulsively NOT funny.  I enjoy a lot of types of humor, especially the likes of Zach Galifianakis.  I also enjoy quirky British comedies.

What is your favorite comedy style?  Who is one of your favorite comedians?