Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos

As a freelance cartographer with Maps For Good in 2017, I was assigned a map for publication with authors Joshua Hirschstein and Maren Beck. This couple portrays their family travels in Laos’s remote Houaphan Province. As they learn about the ancient silk weaving traditions in the hill tribe community of Xam Tai, so too they gain a profound appreciation for Lao culture and traditions. I worked with Michael Signorella, the Art Director and Graphic Designer for this publication from Thrum Books. My work was ultimately used as the front-endpaper inside the book's hard cover (as a reference map for the read). 

As a freelance Cartographer with Maps for Good in 2016, I collaborated with Ross Donihue on a print-map project for the Maine Lakes Resource Center (MLRC). Ross is a Mainer, and had a strong connection with the staff at the Resource Center, and the vibrant memories in the watershed as a child. Ross designed the interactive-web-map for the MLRC before I was brought on-board, and I've included his work below as the foundation for my work. The print map, to your left, was originally produced at 5x4' feet—and is on display in the lobby at the Maine Lakes Resource Center (as an interpretive display map). 




This map was completely designed in QGIS and Adobe Illustrator. Not yet approved by FENIX Outdoor for distribution, sale, or reproduction. 

Unofficial Event Map 2016.


As a freelance cartographer with Maps For Good in 2016, I was assigned a map for publication with author and photographer, Eric Mindling. Starting with a print map of Oaxaca, supplied by the author; this series of screen shots depicts a typical map-production workflow for print. The high-resolution PDF shows my work as the front-endpaper inside the book's hard cover. Michael Signorella was the Art Director and Graphic Designer for this publication. 

Series of 7 Screen Shots during the development of "Where Community Style Is Worn".

israeli aerial strikes

This animation is the final output of a process that included:

  • Editorial source material
  • Ministry Tourism of Lebanon Map for georeferencing/accurate place-names
  • Place-name parsing of the source material
  • Geocoding the parsed text data
  • Smidgen of manual attribute data entry
  • ArcMap raster and vector geoprocessing
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator styles for the basemap
  • After Effects sequence animation for the thematic content. 

Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia

Allied Losses of the Iberian Peninsula

Battle of Coral Sea

germany and berlin after world war II

These two maps were made using a traditional ESRI ArcMap to Adobe Creative Suite Workflow. I started with various sources (one, two, three, four) provided by historians and editors. The major sources of the maps are USGS (elevation), Natural Earth (rivers, ocean, coastline, populated places), DIVA-GIS (historical admin boundaries), OpenStreetMap (various Berlin Metro Extract data), and then some additional research by myself and the historian for checkpoint locations. 

The tan-hypso tinted elevation was styled in Photoshop using various filters, adjustments, and blending modes between the DEM and hillshade.

Fonts, color style, and textures for the map template were chosen before I joined before I joined the company. 

Geographic areas of Command

British & American Bombings of Europe


Oslo II Accord

fort henry & donelson

Battle of Manhattan

Tour de France 2013

The Tour de France is known as one of the most prestigious, if not the best, road cycling race in the world. As part of my role with National Geographic Maps, I was asked to make this ArcGIS web map to be used in a GeoStories™ Player

To use this map, zoom in and out using the double-click feature of your mouse or the scroll wheel.  You can click on the start and end locations to get more about the winners of each stage, the elevation profile, and links to their official web pages.

Note: I do not control or own the overlaying data for the web-service. This map is embedded via my ArcGIS online account. 


Europe, 1914 (World War I) 

2013 - I was asked to recreate this map of Europe (1914); showing political powers and their allegiances before the beginning of World War One. This map was designed for a History of Warfare eBook on the iPad. This was a project, outside employment, which I learned a great deal about ESRI ArcMap exported to Adobe Creative Suite map publishing. 


James River Watershed Recreation & Heritage Features

Heritage & Recreation Map

2013 - While working with National Geographic Maps & Envision The James, I was asked to work on a print map for regional distribution. This Heritage & Recreation Features map shows a variety of GIS data from parks to public river access to civil war battles of the James River Watershed.


James River Watershed Wildlife & Conservation Map


2013 - While working with National Geographic Maps & Envision The James, I was asked to work on a print map for regional distribution. I supported my supervisor, Frank, in the creation of this map with GIS organization, GIS analysis, map/data processing and map labeling.  This map shows the various conservation lands, easements, unprotected areas of high ecological integrity, important birding areas, and coastal conservation areas in the James River Watershed.

Flow Map of Major League Baseball and their Minor League Affiliates

Major League Baseball & Minor League Affiliates

2009 - This PDF was my final cartographic project for my advanced cartography course at the University of Oregon. It was one of the most exhilarating maps (and data sets) to work on.

Granary District Maps & Report

2012 - This crowdsourced urban redevelopment initiative was a highlight of my work-load.

Once the internship ended, I wrote this report (PDF) as a submission to Landscape Urbanism Magazine - Issue 4. I then wrote a summary about my submission experience here.

Parking Inventory Analysis & Report

Parking Inventory Analysis & Report

Parking Inventory Map & Report

2012 - Magna Township in Salt Lake County was in need of a parking analysis and review before potential monies would be allocated to a special redevelopment district along main street in the historic part of Magna.