Journal Entry # 49 - Road Entry#39 (Mom's Office - La Canada, CA - 10:30pm - January 3, 2011)

It was checkout day at the hotel - Monday September 6th before high noon. I woke up and got back to my original room to sleep a little longer until 9:30am as Jordan, Chris, and Tim were all up, packed, and ready to go to the airport around 8:30am.

I showered and packed my stuff after the morning-sleep-extension and made my way downstairs to the lobby. I was sticking around in Charlotte for another 4 or 5 days before going to Tennessee for the weekend. Andy, Rocky, Sue, Sam, and Lindsay were the last ones left with me in the hotel. Everyone else had gone to the airport by now and the euphoric atmosphere from the wedding was slowly dissipating.

They all went off to brunch/breakfast together while I stayed around Ayersly - waiting for Sam to get back as I was getting a ride with him back into the downtown area of Charlotte. I walked on over to 'Firehouse Subs' across the street and picked up a hoagie to enjoy as I waited. I sat in the lobby of the hotel eating and writing the blog.

While on the internet, I was side-tracked during a mouthful when I started reading Chris Guillebeau's posting on the first ever World Domination Summit. He is organizing a forum in Portland in 2011 for people (primarily his followers on 'Art of Non-Conformity') to come, share, listen, and learn about unconventional ways of living in personal and professional success stories. He also wrote down two vital questions that he thinks people should answer in order to lead a remarkable life. (I answered them here)

The timing couldn't have been better as I finished my sandwich and blog entry as Sam got back to the hotel. Sam and I first went to the 'Redbox' to drop off a couple DVD's that were mysteriously rented over the weekend. Then we went to the Men's Warehouse to drop off Tim's cufflinks he left at the hotel. Sam also got to pick out his free suit that he got for registering his groomsmen with the company.

Sam and I drove back downtown to his apartment where we cleaned up the leftover mess that stood from the "Bachelor Party Experience". It wasn't that bad as I cleaned up a bit that previous Wednesday night and Thursday morning - but there was a little work to be done before Lindsay stepped foot back inside her place. After we finished cleaning, I loaded up all the photos from the wedding to my computer and Facebook. I started to tag a couple people, but then decided that people could tag themselves if they wanted the pictures to be reflected on their profile.

Lindsay got back to the apartment and it was the cue-point for my departure to Jeff's apartment. Before ever stepping foot in Charlotte, I only figured to know 3 people there - Sam, Lindsay, and Allison. Jeff was an Oregon acquaintance and a fellow half-marathoner I knew of a met in Oregon through the sports marketing department and at the Eugene Half-Marathon. I had planned to stay with Jeff the remaining days in Charlotte before heading to Tennessee.

Jeff was working as a marketing intern for the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team downtown - and this was his final week of work before heading back to Oregon. He lived right along the Lynx light-rail system in Charlotte - approx. a mile away from the stadium. Sam dropped me off at his place before dinner that Monday night and I wished him a happy honeymoon getaway in Mexico - at their all-inclusive resort.

I turned into the gated apartment complex to greet Jeff and his one-bedroom studio unit. Jeff had been living here all summer as a quick-n-easy way to get to work efficiently and effectively. He said that they were charging him an arm and a leg for the place (and I believed it) because of proximity, amenities, and the luxuriousness of the studio space. Of course Jeff was only there for a brief period, therefore he didn't have time, energy, or motive to decorate the space beyond his wildest dreams. It was great to be back in the realm of simplicity and minimalism. Jeff slept on a air-mattress he bought from Target when he first arrived in Charlotte. It was situated in the corner of the studio apartment with a walk-in closet and a walk-in bathroom in parallel fashion. Opposite this area was a small living space and the kitchen (the largest part of the studio). As I said, it was Jeff's last week in the place, so he didn't have much food and we went out for dinner at Strike City Lanes in the Bank of America metroplex downtown.

We took the the light-rail to the outdoor/metroplex/mall area for dinner while watching the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech game. It was a great game and had a great time watching it, talking, and eating. We then walked back to his place where we both retired for the evening. I slept on the carpet of the room while using my towel as a pillow. I let you know how I slept when I write the next posting...