I interrupt my regular blogcast for a Thanksgiving "special" post.

This is document that issues thanks to family, freedom, friends, and fun.

Southern California – November 2009
I flew into Long Beach airport from Oregon. I had a thanksgiving dinner with Ben, Mom, and Paul. Dad, Ben, and I drove up to Bruce’s Friday morning to meet up with Bruce, Joanne, and Dede. We all had a great time at the leftover party at Bruce’s house. I flew back to Oregon from San Francisco.

Thank you for such a great thanksgiving family.

Southern California – November 2010
This Thanksgiving is undeniably familiar but remarkably fresh. This Thanksgiving lies within my awakening of personal, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, relational, and professional growth. Every day now, I am honestly appreciative of every moment, thought, feeling, and action. – AND YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT is what makes it substantial. Thank you for making my life meaningful. I love you. Thank you.

This day is significant because it allows us to open our hearts, minds, arms, and doors to the simplicity of company. I am thankful that this country sets aside a day to remind people of that. --- On that note, I want to thank the millions of public servants who have graciously served to protect, honor, and believe in freedom for this country.

Since I started to focus on my health revolution, every day has felt like Thanksgiving. I go to sleep every night in appreciation for the day I’ve had and the people I’ve encountered. I wrote in my first journal entry while leaving Oregon that my pillars to life would be gratefulness, passion, integrity, and leadership. I thank myself, family, and friends for help shaping who I am today.

My social network lies within my friends – not on a website. I have some of the greatest friends I could ask for. I think and care about them constantly. I cherish every genuine relationship with those who call me their friend. The thoughtfulness in their communication is how I distinguish our friendship. Thank you for listening and graciously accepting me as a friend. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I feel the gratitude flowing equally in our friendship.

I can see why mom started making us write this document so many years ago. This letter embodies how our everyday ‘Thanks’ culminate in one day. Thank you.

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