Internally, my revolution was sparked on December 23, 2009 in Palm Desert, California. It was a temperate day in the desert – a great day to be outside for some physical activity.

I was playing tennis with my brother at a family vacation rental in the desert. He was beating me badly. He continued to dominate the game after my play was characterized by countless miss-hits, an encompassing frustration, and a depleted stamina. He was beating me because I couldn’t keep up with him physically.

My brother is a man of many words. Too many words. He continuously berated my game, stamina, and morale with provocative verbal jabs until I snapped.

Revolution explosion.

The next thing I know, I am lying face-first on the ground. I tried to go after him for a physical jab by jumping the tennis-net and running after him. I wound up face first on the tennis court because my back foot didn’t clear the net. I was infuriated.

After lying on the ground, storming off in rage, and talking to myself for the next hour in retrospective fashion – I had realized he was better than because of my weight and physical fitness level.

My active, physical, nutritional, athletic, and healthy revolution began that temperate day in December.

At the time, I was 255 pounds. I am now down to 200 pounds. I am now training for my first marathon. I run 7-8 times a week. I am actively qualified for this position.

I tell you this because it is most important to me now. Athleticism, nutrition, and adventures.

I just came back to California after traveling the United States and Canada for the past 4 months. After living in Eugene, Oregon for six years – I decided to sell everything I owned, and live life on the road as far as my savings could take me. I didn’t have a detailed itinerary – the majority of my adventure was formulated on the fly. I took my pack, my smile, and integrity to the road. My journey across, up, down, and back across North America was revolutionary – and my nutritional element and adventure element became compounded. I started running everywhere I was – Montreal, Boston, New York, Baltimore, etc… The journey throughout this great country solidified my obsession for new experiences, new people, new stories, and lasting memories.