Journal Entry # 40 - Road Entry#30 (Guest Bedroom - La Canada, CA - 11:06pm - October 31, 2010)

I haven't written in a month.

I am glad I am back on the keyboard. It feels good to let it out - one keystroke at a time.

I left the last journal entry off with a post regarding some time spent in Los Angeles and La Canada in the midst of my travel adventure this past summer 2010. I said I would write about shabbat dinner in La Canada with my friends, mom, and Paul.

My friends Mark and David came over around 7:00pm. We all got to talking right away and it continued up until the candle lighting ceremony for shabbat dinner. Mom had us perform the usual function of "letting go" information on shabbat that you are either proud of, content with, dissatisfied with, or departing with. We all shared around the candles and then sat down for a delicious dinner. We spent a total of 2 or so hours together, because by the Mark, David, and I were leaving the house - it was close to 10pm and we needed to get moving in order to make it to Hollywood for "a night out".

Mark and David joined me as I drove down to Hollywood to park. There was no real itinerary for the night, just as long as they could show me some of the places they had discovered as I had been living in Oregon for the past 6 years. They know so much more about the nightlife in Los Angeles - my guides and information sources for dancing/club venues.

The two of them threw out a ton of ideas that I was ready and willing to do. The problem we had was that there was no consensus. Mark and David had a wealth of knowledge on clubs, bars, decor, scenery, and their respective dress-codes. I decided to take some control of the decision making a pick the closest place to where I parked - which was Boulevard 3.

We got there between 10 and 10:30 - with a small line starting to form at the front of the club. Mark was worried that he wouldn't be able to get in because he had sneakers on; and David was verbally countering my statements on how I wouldn't pay the expected $20 cover to get in. I revealed to David and Mark that I was open to any destination - with the stipulation that I didn't have to pay a cover charge.

I don't believe in cover charges anymore. After traveling all over the United States, Canada, and Europe, I have found that paying to enter an edifice is a waste of money. There are plenty of options for a social nightlife scene without a cover charge. --- (I guess it's a matter of perceived value here). I honestly feel that I can have a great time at any place, no matter the location. If there is a cover charge, I try to talk my way around, through, or out of it. If there is continued resistance to my conversation with a bouncer or club host, I simply walk away content with the next place in sight because there is no expectation and no disappointment on my part.

- Relating this back to our experience that night - Mark and David followed me as I started talking to one of the bouncers in the front of the line. I went around the line of people to the side and started talking to Anthony. Anthony was the head of security for Boulevard 3. I approached him with a non-invasive, friendly, genuinely-interested smile and demeanor. We began talking about the night and the beautiful women and he recognized that I wasn't "FROM" Los Angeles - or "Around Here" as he put it.

I then divulged all of my information regarding my travels, adventures, and blogging to him. Our conversation became so intense that I even forgot my friends were standing next to me listening the whole time. They interjected with some minor details I left out about my adventure, but the good thing was we were all engaged together now. Anthony then proceeded to offer us three tickets to get in - cover free! We all said thank you and proceeded inside for a quote, "celebration cocktail" from David. I obliged the the victory moment at the bar with the guys, but then went back to Anthony to get his number and information because I wanted to send him this blog posting and keep in contact for the future. I learned a lot about him, his family, his daughter, and his trials and tribulations in California. Like I said, "I WAS GENUINELY INTERESTED!"

From the moment I finished with Anthony, the moments and experiences of the night were in conjunction with "The Roadrunner" dancing throughout this club. There were a ton of people there by 11pm and we started making our way around this indoor-outdoor nightscape. It felt very similar to the clubs and places I went to in Miami - decorative furniture and moldings throughout the space and architecture, luminous colors in lighting and wall-paint, and an overall motif that was very art-deco-yuppie.

Mark and David were having alcohol breaks while I consumed water. We met girls at the bar, in the walkways, and on the dance-floor. We found there to be many foreign women there - we met some British, Germans, and Australians. Victoria and Joanne from the UK were cool girls that had gotten to the states the day before. It was hard to talk to them, something I wanted to do - but we had a great time dancing together for a bit. The German girls were even harder to talk to over the loud sound system, and my conversation was interrupted a couple of times by horrible DJ transitions and mixes (it was hard to ignore as a DJ).

The next thing I know, we're at Jack-In-The-Box. David and Mark want to get some late-night fuel for their grumbling beer-guts. We don't even take it to-go and they scarf down the food in a matter of 20 or so minutes. I drive them back to Pasadena. I then go back to mom's house in La Canada for a peaceful late-night slumber before a 7:30 wake-up call in order to get to Dad's for extensively planned Saturday.

Until next time...