Journal Entry # 27 - Road Entry#17 (Boston Public Library - Boston, MA - 3:41pm - July 30, 2010)

Here is a section of my travel blog and journal that I wrote while at the Boston Public Library by hand. I was kicked out of the library at 5pm because the library was closing for a wedding ceremony. I took out my yellow-pad and wrote this on the steps of the library while waiting for Alex to get off work at Atlantic Fish and run her quick errands (buying candy and cookies for her co-workers)...

DISCLAMIER: Please note that all of these statements are made completely off observations and personal belief.

I need to come up with "a way" to survive in this world we live. I need to create/produce/gerenate a product or service or legacy that will further advance the cultural and environmental health of this world we call home.

This experience traveling and living on the road has taught me some unexpected lessons, values, and beliefs. I need to write down my philosophies, mantras, and maxims, in order to specifically enhance my path towards self-sustainability and world righteousness.

Preface (1). The consumption in the 1st world or capitalistic world has jaded the reality of what is necessary for survival and happiness in the most fundamental way of life. I guess that you could say my 7 pillars of human needs are somewhat similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Here they are:
1. Food & Water (Natural Ingredients - Food "Pyramid-esque")
2. Shelter (Home - Nest)
3. Love (Family - Sex - Relationships - Community)
4. Healthcare (Doctors - Body, Mind, Teeth, Eyes, etc...)
5. Exercise (Activity - Sweating)
6. Safety (Emergency Response & Prevention)
7. Education

The perception of happiness, in the United States specifically, is centered around entertainment consumption, product consumption, and technology consumption now. The majority of the United States is obese physically, but also culturally. The United States surpassed a "freshman-15" and have escalated beyond healthy economic habits to a nation that is consistently unsatisfied. This is just one of the many reasons this nation is at a catastrophic economic deficit. What has the "American Dream" become?

As I sit here and write, there are a couple of box drummers playing percussion for pass-byers and tourists. In the foreground, a little girl dances to the rhythm of the beat - no reservations, inquisitions, and worries. Just her father and pedestrians around admiring this little girl's innocence. She embodies innocence at this moment - so young and fresh with freedom. This makes me think of the way people should treat their lives and activities. They should approach their current and future relationships with an essence of innocence. The innocent nature of a child's innocence is translating into one my philosophies on how we should all live our lives.


Simplicity, for me, builds bridges and consistent relevance for the basic needs of humans as I wrote before. There is no "need" for beer, handbags, plasma TVs, tanning beds, iPads, and all this other gooseshit. These "things" have infiltrated our lives and stripped the virginity of our innocence. Dreaming has become programmed, spontaneity revoked, and cross-cultural freedom and communication - STRANDED.

The only truth left is that its not too late. There will always be a time for a re-cultivation of freedom and innocence.

So I ask myself now at the age of 24, how can you make an outlasting impression in the world by fostering the core needs of shelter, hunger, thirst, safety, exercise, education, healthcare, and love?

Food - Farmer, chef
Water - Establishing wells, irrigation of water, water preservation/conservation
Safety - Crime fight, police, firefighter, poison control, disaster relief.
Exercise - Physical trainer, sport coach, track & field coach, nutritionist, youth exercise coordinator to promote active lifestyles
Education - Teacher, researcher, guidance councilor.
Shelter - Architect, construction engineer, builder, constructor, craftsman, carpenter, designer
Healthcare - Doctor, pediatrician, optometrist, dentist, veterinarian, nurse, herbalist / organic healer (holistic).
Love - Family therapist, marriage council, matchmaker, behavioral therapist, speech therapist, sex therapist.

This is how my mind works. I've come up with this in order to find happiness while providing to the the fundamental needs of humans and their survival. So now I sit at a crossroads at the age of 24 with a degree in Business Administration (Marketing) and Geography (Cartography). What am I supposed to do in my life? I have so many different interests and have an array of opportunities at my disposal. I'm inundated with school loans that I have to come up with a solution to pay off this debt. Help?