Road Entry#18 (The Hanrahan's Home - Annapolis, MD - 5:37pm - August 7, 2010)

It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you.

PPG #1
I love traveling. I love human interaction. Listening to people's stories are amazing! I just recently discovered "The Moth" podcast on iTunes as well and love it. The story tellers on these podcasts are so wonderful that it is hard to distinguish which stories are fiction and non-fiction.

I've found that the more I want to workout and be "An Athlete" - the more I don't want to eat crappy foods and drinks. I am treating myself to good ingredients because they help me stay physically fit for long runs and extreme athletic events (I am probably going to do a Triathlon after this Honolulu Marathon in December).

What I tell to myself is that I want to be "An Athlete" for the rest of my life. I want to be able to run, jump, swim, play, and sweat at the highest of levels for my age group. I feel that I am only halfway to becoming the person I want to be and the ATHLETE I intend to becoming. Weighing in at 205 today, I have 10 pounds to lose before Sam and Lindsey's wedding in September. Then another 10 pounds to be in tip-top running shape for the marathon at 185 pounds (the last time I weighed 185 was at 12 years old).

I those last two PPG's were from e-mails or writing before. I am now here ready to write in Annapolis. I'll start from switching buses in Springfield, Massachusetts a week and a half ago...

I got to Boston on the Peter Pan bus an hour before Alex got off work from Atlantic Fish. I decided to go over to her place via public transit and drop off my hunk-a-junk of a bag before meeting her once she got off. I knocked on the door of her landlords door to get let in and set my stuff down. I changed out of my sweaty shirt and ska-daddled out the door to meet up with her and her friend Trevor at a restaurant where they were having lunch. We all had a breezy and sugar-coated conversation about my travels each others' backgrounds before Trevor had to leave for his reggae band practice or something (he was a cool guy though). Alex and I walked around Newburry street as Alex was justifying her need for a new dress because of her cousins wedding coming up next month. I tried to convince her that buying another dress was unnecessary, but she was adamant about buying something new and fashionable. Alex and I then decided we could enjoy a cinematic adventure at the theater around 6:30pm. We wanted to see Toy Story 3 together, but didn't want to wait an hour till the next showing - so we saw "The Kids Are Alright" instead. It was a cute and light romantic comedy that is a great home rental. I saw "Inception" in Montreal and this movie in Boston and I am just not finding a satisfying value in movies anymore. I would rather wait till they get to RedBox or Netflix to watch at a home on a comfy couch for a cheaper price.

After the movie, Alex and I went back to Southie to hit up the Stop & Shop to get some groceries for her place. I convinced myself and Alex that I would cook some Coconut Rice for her and her roommates as another thank you for hosting me. We got back to her place, cooked the rice and small dinner before watching some TV, talking together as roomies, and then going to bed.

I used the entire Wednesday at Alex's apartment to read, search for couches in Baltimore, surf the web, and a couple write e-mails. I didn't want to spend a dime on food or entertainment because I had just bought groceries and new my next couple of days would be extremely entertaining. Lauren came back from work around 6pm and invited me to get out of the apartment to go some bar and drink with her friends. I joined in on the night, not expecting to drink and pay for alcohol - and I didn't pay a dime. I just was offered a couple brews that turned into 6 brews and some karaoke until 1am! What a life! I managed not to pull out my wallet, but not say "no" to alcoholic consumption. There is that word again - "CONSUMPTION". As I travel, see the world, and continue to live like this - I don't want to consume things that don't add value to my life and health. I will leave it at that for right now with a book entitled "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Consumption" to follow later in my lifetime. This will be a detailed, researched, and observational manifesto of the American consumption and waste culture we all live in.

Back to the detailed documentation of my life on the road...

So Thursday starts off with a long run in the morning for about an hour. I left on my run and got back to the apartment to find Alex still getting ready for her shift at work. She was going on hour two of getting ready while I ran, took a shower, and got dressed to go out the door. We finally made it to Parrish Cafe for lunch where Alex showed me a great eatery in Boston. The food was delicious and the menu was crafted by some of the top chefs all over Boston. I walked around the Prudential Center mall and used the Mac store for e-mail for a couple hours as Alex went to work and I was killing time before dinner with Stacey in Allston. I made it to Allston on the green line for our 7pm meet up. Before getting to the Sunset Bar & Grill restaurant, I met a cool dude on the street named Dan Foley. He was a chill dude that gave me some pointers for the area and Boston in general. Maybe I'll run into him some day?

I met Stacey and her old roommates at the restaurant which also has some 'Boston's Best' plaques in the entry way. Sunset Bar and Grill has over 100 beers on tap and 300 in bottles. They are a taqueria/cantina restaurant with huge portions and delicious entrees. I chose to get a half order of the famous nachos off Dan's recommendation while the girls got quesadillas or something. The highlight of this place was the random San Francisco Anchor Steam Brewery rep that ordered the girls a pitcher for being cute. He was trying to push his hoppy beverage to the clientele in the surrounding bar area because it is a new beer on their menu/selection of beers. We had some great conversation throughout the night and I got to know her friends Sara and Heather very well. We decided that we should run into each other downtown on Friday night to some good 'ol fashion trouble/fun.

I took the green line back to Atlantic Fish on Bolyston and waited for Alex to get off work. We took the bus back home together and crashed for the night.

I had a lunch planned with Jenna Barnes for 1pm. I met her and her co-workers (Jeremy and Matt) at the Cheesecake Factory where I just order a cup of soup. I ate some food back at Alex's apartment so I didn't have to order a bunch of bland and overpriced food from the Factory. I then got a quick tour of Jenna's office and building before heading over to the Boston Public Library to work off my computer. I thought I was going to get some real work done at the library and get some applications for some jobs done - but I procrastinated by researching jobs in Peru and exotic locations without any real intent of applying. I also got distracted by the fact that a "Real World - New Orleans" cast member was sitting right next to me in the BPL. I saw a couple episodes of the show because the girls were watching MTV in the apartment the nights before - and I come to find Preston the gay guy from the show sitting in the library. I talked to him for a little bit and asked him about his life and how it has changed. He was humble and the quick conversation was entertaining. I got kicked out of the library at 5pm because there was a private wedding reception.

That is when I started writing by hand on the steps of the library in the post title "Iridescence" right before this one. I wrote and waited for Alex to get off work before taking the bus back to her place. I showered and got ready real quick while waiting for Alex. We were going to her friends going away dinner at Masa Restaurant in the South End. I met Alex's future roommate (Kristen?) there and 7 others. They all had some amazing and expensive dinner while I stayed stuffed from eating a $6 chicken wrap meal before leaving ($$$ money saving once again).

It didn't matter though because I spent a crap load that night in Boston. I was supposed to meet up with a friend (Katy Bockstall) in Faneuil Hall at 'Ned Devine's' but she never got back to me. I instead went to McFadden's to meet up with Stacey, Heather, Sara, and their other friend Wesley. We had a great time dancing, taking pictures, and making fun of the really drunk bar-tenders in their ridiculous outfits. I had such a fun time that I hopped in a cab back with them to Brookline and their new apartment. I slept on their roommates bed and crashed out. Fun fun fun.

The next morning we battle our hangovers and went to Zaftig's Delicatessen for an amazing breakfast. I had the mediterranean scramble and this place was another 'Boston's Best' location. The Saturday morning was actually kicked off with a soft-serve ice cream even before sitting down to breakfast. We all had a great time sharing stories and getting to know each other more - giving me more of a reason to just move to Boston and find work there. After lunch, I took the green line back to the Bolyston area to say goodbye to Alex because she was at work. She got called in for a lunch shift as the hostess and was just as groggy as I was. I saw her and told her I would be back soon enough before going back to her apartment to pack up my stuff and take off to the bus to New York City. I wrapped up all my loose ends in Southie and cleaned her apartment a little before barely catching the Bolt Bus down to NYC. I used the internet a bit for some surfing on the bus - but then passed out a napped the rest of the way. I got to Ryan's apartment in NYC around 7:30pm to meet Andres while Ryan was at a movie with his mom and step-dad. We chilled for a little and then I went down to the gym to work out for an hour and a half while waiting for Ryan. He met me down in the gym and we got so work in before getting ready for the night.

These guys are all party animals once the weekend comes. Ryan, Andres, and Andy all work together at Citi Bank (70-85 hours a week). They all had Sunday off the next day, so they were excited to hit the town with their newly prescribed fat wallets and a cockiness that would easily be mistaken for confidence by a "fake" person. Ryan, Andres, and I followed Andy to a lounge club called Slate so that he could meet up with friends from Dartmouth. It was a crowded and ethnically diverse place, and I really enjoyed it. I met a group of people by the bar when suddenly a idiotic girl crashed into a stack of glasses that broke all over the ground. Once of the girls I was talking to (Manisha) got cut on her foot and I helped her with some first aid relief and assistance. In return, she bought me a couple of Kamikaze shots with her friends in celebration for their engagements and another friend's birthday. After talking and getting to know more about them (Philly, NYC, and DC natives), Ryan convinced me to leave for the lower east side. We went down to the Fat Baby bar again - I guess accidentally. It was more of a lazy decision to pick a location as I didn't want to experience the same place again. We danced all night - Ryan with a bunch of girls, myself with one particular lady from Philadelphia. The night ended without pizzaz or excitement and we caught a cab ride back to his apartment.

Thus concluding week 6 of life on the road....

For all the details of Week 7, (more New York City, Baltimore, and a small portion of Annapolis), check in Monday or Tuesday.