Journal Entry # 20 - Road Entry#9 (Train from Boston to Providence- 4:58pm - Boston, MA - July 9, 2010)

Part Two... Take the Weather with You.

This song came on while we were on the sailboat in Buzzard's Bay. After sailing the afternoon away, we returned to Jenna's house to eat dinner before going back on the boat for the July 3rd fireworks show in the harbor. Jenna's mom is a fantastic cook and she made stuffed oysters along with pesto tortellini and t-bone steaks! I told her it reminded me of the good home cooked meals in California. It was extremely generous of them to host me and I tried to reciprocate as a good guest should. The dinner at the house was just a pre-course to the food that came on the sailboats as well. Jenna, Marshall, and I rode the dingy out to her sailboat where I found 3 other sailboats roped up to one another. A sophisticated tailgate party in it's own-right with bottles of wine, fancy Pyrate rum, and a variety of delicious and unique finger-foods. With 30+ people on four large sailboats in the harbor, we sat, talked, and watched fireworks until 11pm. I met some interesting people on the boats, specifically Inna and Ron, family friends of Jenna's parents. Inna is Danish and Ron is American. They met in the British Virgin Islands where they both have winter homes. Inna was actually born in Fredriksberg, Denmark - the place I lived during my study abroad program. We had a lot to talk about and I learned so much about their history together and individually. Ron was a 1954 Harvard graduate and Navy Captain of a vessel during the Korean War. He got to sharing some of his war and life stories before the fireworks interrupted. Inna also said that people like them need individuals like myself to home-sit their winter homes while they are in the north for the summers, the only catch is that they need people to trust because of some of the horror stories Inna shared with me. I offered my services as a house-sitter, and told them I hoped to build their trust enough for them to refer me to any of their friends (an absolute shot in the dark). Oh well...

Here is a picture of the firework show! My first picture post on the blog since Europe....

The firework show ended with a spectacular finish as the group of sailors OOOOed and AAHHed as if they had never seen such a show. Jenna, Marshall, Dana, Tina, and I were just getting started though. We took the water taxi over to the other side of the harbor to Elliot's house, one of their mutual friends from high school. Since his birthday is July 4th, this was his 9th annual birthday-independence bash in his boat house on their mega-property. The party crowd consisted of 18-25 year olds in a hysteria of flip cup, beer pong, beruit, keg stands, and all the other traditional drinking activities that were associated with college. I was reluctant to participate because of my drinking lifestyle change and the known fact that the Fourth of July is one of America's biggest drinking holidays. I included myself, but with a one-foot-inthedoor, one-foot-outthedoor approach. We drove the dingy back across the water to Jenna's to crash around 1am.


HAPPY Fourth of July!!! Wow.

I have never seen so many American Flags in my life! The communities of Cape Cod are VERY patriotic. So patriotic in fact, SUV sized flags would fly in front of all the glorious homes on some of the tallest flag poles constructed. The difference between a regular flag pole and these flag poles were the additional Yacht Club and sailing flags attached. They LOVE their flags in southeast Massachusetts!

So it's the morning of the Fourth of July at 10am and I am the first one to wake up in the house. I decided to take it upon myself to cook eggs, potatoes, and bacon for the family. I added in the left-over pesto tortellini to the breakfast along with fresh cherries, coffee, and orange juice. It's like Jenna's mom, Janet, made sure I could find everything in the morning and cook it for them, perfect!

They woke up to the smell of bacon and seasoned potatoes and I couldn't have been happier to cook for them. Their hospitality wasn't even worth the time I spent cooking them breakfast. It was a spectacular weekend and morning. We all took the morning to share our perspective of the firework spectacular and eat the breakfast. We then packed up the day bags to head over to Marshall's neck of the woods, Duxberry, Massachusetts.

It is about 45 minutes northeast of Marion and sits on the South Shore coast - Cape Cod Bay. We actually went to Marshall's family friends house, Katherine Metzger. The Metzger's host an annual Fourth party every year with dozens and dozens of kids, adults, and young adults. We stopped off there before going to the Duxberry parade which began at 1pm. The pre-parade party was held at Katherine's friends house, where everyone enjoyed finger foods, beer, and candy as the parade passed by their front yard. It was a great way to start the day! I talked to a gentleman at the party who raved about Burlington, Vermont - a place I'm thinking about visiting as a travel. He made a very convincing argument to make the trip up there, even though I don't know anyone in the Lake Champlain area.

We watched the parade until 4-ish, then made our way back to Katherine's for the post-parade party! Their house was fully stocked with food, beer, and great energy! There daytime activities included their oversized pool and jacuzzi, a volleyball court, bocci ball, horseshoes, and corn-hole.

I guess this is turning into a Three-Part posting.... Oh well. The train just arrived in Providence, I will have to update later on this weekend....