Road Entry#16 (Peter Pan Bus to Boston from Lenox, MA - 11:38pm - July 27, 2010)

A New Path.

I found a new running path and training exercise for my Marathon training with Julia today - trail running. The trail run began at 8am this morning a short drive away from the Kalcheim's home in West Stockbridge. Julia and I went out for 40-45 minutes or so along the Burbank Trail. With a beginning incline, what seemed to be an infinite amount of banks, turns, and twists, and some declining hills throughout the trail, we had a great run. It was a great morning to run through the woods and was absolutely beautiful. We got out of the house before Lee, Sam, and Gabe even woke up and before the summer's humidity set in. With no qualms or worries this morning, Julia and I appreciated the beauty and magnificence of mother nature. We got back to the house at 9am, showered, ate breakfast, and they took me over to Lenox, MA to pick up my bus to Boston.

Yesterday was a relaxing day at their home. I woke up around 11am after going to bed late and getting into West Stock around 10pm. Julia picked me up from the side of the road near North Chatham, NY - the spot where my ride dropped me off. Feeling vulnerable and isolated in the United States wasn't daunting or overwhelming because I knew my cell phone worked and I had support and familiarity within hitch-hiking distance. I have to experience this though in a second or third world country to fully comprehend the danger, adrenaline, and thrill of a "lost in the wild" experience.

Monday July 26th consisted of running 30 minutes, stretching/yoga, lunch on the porch, relaxing, reading in the hammock, going into town to get some milk, picking lettuce from their garden for dinner, eating dinner on the porch, reading in bed, and falling asleep for the first time before midnight this whole journey.

The run went along the main road in their town and was surprisingly hilly. The workout contained 90% uphill exertion and 65% downhill ease. The hill training is good for the marathon because their will undoubtably be hills like this during the 26.2 miles in Honolulu.

All of the fruits and vegetables we ate in the house were locally fresh produce from the town store or their community garden across the street. It was great to put healthy and nutritious foods in my body - I feel great! I read a lot throughout their home on Monday as well. I am getting further into my book and hope to be finished by my flight back to Los Angeles on August 16th. I booked my flight back when I was in Montreal and I will be back on the west coast for 15 days. I am going to be visiting family and celebrating my brothers and fathers birthdays. I am doing all of this before flying on September 1st to Charlotte with Andy Peterson from LAX. I will be in North Carolina from August 13-16th and September 1-5th. I am then planning on hitching over to Knoxville, Tennessee for the Oregon-Tennessee football game on September 11th.

For the time being, I am still over a grand in savings and checking on my journey. I wrote in my journal a while back that I need to find some sort of income by August 1st and that's what I intend on doing. While in Boston I will be hitting the library to get a bunch of e-mails, resumes, cover letters, and job searching done for my life. I realize these school loan bills aren't going away anytime soon. I will be searching for travel job opportunities in Latin America, cruise liners in the Caribbean, South America, Alaska, the Gulf Coast oil crisis, Australia, New Zealand, and London. I don't want to live in the United States anymore. I have to pursue my passion for new experiences, people, travel, and very fluid lifestyle. I know it will keep me writing, working out effectively, fostering knowledge/learning, and allowing for complete ebullience.

I have to change buses in Springfield, MA right now. Keep loving, keep learning, keep producing greatness, and please don't watch TV for more than 4 hours a month.