Journal Entry # 21 - Road Entry#11 (Book Trader Cafe - 7:58pm - New Haven, CT - July 13, 2010)

American runs on Dunkin'

I am at the coffee shop where Tyler works. I got here to write because Tyler doesn't have AC and I was sweating profusely.

I left the last blog entry off with a sports related Sunday, then a nap, and a lazy Sunday night. Sunday night consisted of talking to Mom on the phone, talking to Sam Johnson (best friend), surfing the web, researching Burlington Vermont, e-mails, and more surfing. Lazy Sunday.

Monday - Chronologically

1. Wake
2. Grocery shopping with Tyler.
3. Drop Tyler off at the Train Station.
4. Run - Workout
5. Dinner
6. Black Bear Saloon to watch the Home Run Derby
7. Bed time

Tyler went to New York City Monday afternoon for a concert Tuesday night. He invited me to go, but I couldn't afford the concert and more NYC stimulation. Plus I needed to rejuvenate, reorganize, research, and get ready for the next part of my trip to Burlington, VT - Montreal, and Toronto.

The run and workout was great yesterday. I had a big smile while running the streets and running trails of New Haven. (Courtesy of I got back and made a delicious salad and then made my way down to the saloon to watch the home run derby. On my way down to the bar, I met a homeless married couple that asked me for $40 for a hotel room and some food. I bought them a couple of $5 Subway foot-longs instead. It was nice to help them out; maybe because I was impressed by their lofty request.

I got to the bar, drank water, flirted with the bartender, and watched the MLB showcase. Big Papi won. I then went back to Tyler's to catch some shut-eye.

Tuesday - Chronologically

1. Wake
2. Milk Hunt
3. Breakfast
4. Clean Tyler's Apartment
5. Bike to Book Trader Cafe.

The milk hunt was interesting. We forgot to buy milk on Monday when we were at the grocery store. I then walked from Tyler's apartment to the corner store where I thought they sold milk and groceries. It was a liquor corner store with that was called Gregory's Landing. The liquor store clerk told me to walk a little bit more to get milk but when I got there, they were closed (11am). I then got in Tyler's car and drove all the way back to the grocery store to get milk, come back to Tyler's, and eat my delicious bowl of Raisin Bran.

Cleaning Tyler's apartment was time consuming. Labor and sweat. It took me 3 hours.

I then came down to the cafe for the air conditioning. Even after a cold shower it was too hot in Tyler's apartment. The humidity gets to me because I haven't adjusted. My body took 8 weeks to adjust to the Hawaii humidity when I lived there in 2007. I wonder if I will adjust quicker now that I am healthier in 2010. We will see.

I have to go back to Tyler's to get some food, get his car, and pick him up from the train station tonight.

Next post comes from the road on the way to Vermont!

Happy July 13th everyone!