I begin my quest.

Chris Guillebeau has inspired me. His blog, "The Art of Non-conformity" has inspired me.

One of the last things I said to Makoto in the car was I am proud and grateful for what I have done and accomplished in Eugene. Six great years of life has been spent in the great state of Oregon. The first word that comes to mind - debauchery. I spent my last night in Eugene aimlessly drinking a classic gin and tonic, another gin and tonic, and another gin and tonic like I did so many nights over the past six years. When I reflect on my time at the University of Oregon, I recall on my efforts in becoming the man who I am today. I am independent; thanks to my mother. I am grateful and appreciative; thanks to my father. I am a friend and a good person; thanks to my brother. I have a great life. Thank you.

The University of Oregon provided me with a great education. I am a better person today because of it. Once the $13,918 is paid off. It will be worth it. After graduating with a Bachelor of S...

(pause - putting on music )

First Song--> James Taylor "Walking Man" - Random

"Walking Man Lyrics"
Moving in silent desperation
Keeping an eye on the holy land
Hypothetical destination
Who is this Walking Man?

Any other man stops and talks, but the walking man walks.
Born to walk.

That is the secret at it's finest. The law of attraction brought the beginning of my trip into my iPod and played James Taylor. "Walking Man".


Second Song---> Jermanie Dupri ft. Clinton Sparks & DJ Class - Favorite DJ

Wow. Just as I stopped typing the last sentence this next song came on. This is powerful stuff. If you know me, you know that I have been a DJ for the past 9 years. While I travel, search, explore, live, and learn; I am prepared to work as a traveling DJ, a physical laborer, and a home theater system set up man - a caregiver basically. I wrote in my last entry that I should actually give up the DJ lifestyle, working late nights, etc... I am still content on pursuing alternatives for income, but the DJ life is fun and caregiving in it's own way.

Where was I. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Business Administration, I have learned a lot. UO allows it students to take up to 5 classes per term for the entire school year. I approximately took 52 classes in my five years at the University of Oregon. The one piece of information and knowledge that is everlasting wasn't learned in a class. It is what James Warsaw taught me and what he died for.

Passion. Integrity. Leadership

These three maxims can be compared to that of the human body.

Passion is the heart.
Integrity is the brain.
Leadership is everything else.

Integrity is an afterthought though. I would say that Warsaw's three maxims are all important and they all have to coexist together in order for success. Integrity is the most important part and must be honored, valued, given, and appreciated.

If I were to add on maxim to the list, it would be gratefulness.

I am taking every step on this adventure with those four maxims. I am taking this trip because I have a passion for traveling and experiences. I sold off all my "things" because I believe in it. I believe that travel and the world is my passion. I obviously didn't major in Geography for no reason. I obviously didn't pick the name "DJ Atlas" for no reason. I have to exude integrity with every decision I make while I travel. I am prepared to treat everyone I encounter on my journey with the same level of respect and integrity that I would expect in my life. I will practice leadership, knowledge, safety, and every other important aspect of life while I globetrot. I will say "Thank You" every time, just like Dad taught me. I am grateful that my community and family are supporting me on my decision to roam. Like I said, I have a great life, so thank you.

Passion. Integrity. Leadership. Gratefulness.

I am about to do what I love, and I love myself for doing it. I am a walking man.