Journal Entry # 15 - Road Entry#4 (Penske Moving Van - 7:19pm - Chicago to Cleveland - June 23, 2010)

66% - Original Route 66

I've been seeing a lot of 66 right about now.

We just left Chicago, one of the endpoints for the original Route 66. My computer has 66% battery life left as we drive on I-80 across the country. The real number for the trip has been 80. We are back on this I-80 highway inside the crossroads of America, Indiana. We have roughly 6 hours before getting to Cleveland and seeing what we can get ourselves into tonight. We will try and get some their Wednesday nightlife under our belts with some of the fairer sex as entertainment.

We've had some good entertainment thus far. Flirting at the Omaha Men's College World Series and downtown Des Moines. Although I think we are at a point now where we just want to be in New York to hit the town and get out of the car. We have a Mets game planned for Friday night and some partying till 1am or 2am. There are so many different options; "The concrete island of cultural diversity and entertainment ". Ryan has been talking about some clubs in the meat-packing district and the lower east side. I am excited to experience that, but I have to persuade some ladies and bouncers by being charismatic and casanova-ish. I can talk and walk my way in. Just because I know I can and that's what needs to be done.

Ryan explained then as a $30-$40 clubs, and I would rather flirt and dance at places for free.

I was a little disappointed that the rain and lighting flashed when we got into Chicago. We were going to stay in Chicago for quite a while. The plan was to hit up US Cellular field for a White Sox / Braves inter-league matchup between Mark Burhle and Tim Hudson. The Sox are on a 8 game win streak and the Braves lead the NL in win percentage. It would have been a great game!

After the game, there was an opportunity to meet up with Sydney, a Duck alumni who grew up in Chicago. She moved back to Illinois upon graduation in 2008 and I haven't seen her since that June. She is great friends with 2 of my really good friends from Oregon. She was going to get off work and catch up with us for a beverage and some food, but we decided to bypass the thunder strikes for moonlight and clear skies in Ohio.

I HAVE to get back to Chicago on a work-around during my travels. I need to catch up and hang with Charlie from Denmark. He was an Ohio State grad and someone who went to school with me in Copenhagen. He lives and works in the city. He is a good friend and would be a great host of a extended Chicago stay.

I have New York and Boston booked for the next 2 weeks, the only concrete plans thus far. I wrote a mini-itinerary as a preliminary schedule for the month: Boston, Cape Cod, Providence, New Haven, Burlington, Toronto, Montreal. We'll see how this pans out, but I would potentially have places to stay in every city except Burlington and Montreal. I have a preconceived notion that I need to spend at least 2 nights in every city in order to get a good feel for the culture and life. After spending only hours in Des Moines and Omaha, I can't say I have a great knowledge and understanding of the culture and environment. Both cities were good for the time, but a host would be ideal.

I just had an idea! A US tour guide book / website for 18-29 year olds. If it doesn't exist already, I would love to produce and contribute to a travel / city guide specifically designed for young travelers with a limited amount of funds. I would bet that there are thousands upon thousands of domestic and international tourists traversing the US just like I am doing right now. The book serves as the host. I would love to have a book like that on me right now. We'll see if it exists...

Some hospitality in Cleveland would be great when we get there... I don't know one person in northern Ohio...

Oh well.

Until next time from the road on our way NYC!


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