Road Entry#7 (Gregory's Coffee Shop - 12:59pm - New York, NY - June 30, 2010)

The Perceptual Office.

I got to my office today at 9:50am. Gregory's Coffee Shop on 24th and Park in Manhattan. The free WiFi is exceptional. I had a meeting with Elizabeth McGuire from IMG today. She is a Duck alumni working in NYC and has been here for 4 years. We had a great conversation and she said she would be doing all she could to help me find some opportunities is event marketing and execution. I am glad I got to see her and chat. This has been my second informational meeting while traveling. I met with Allison Lucey from Van Wagner Sports Group Monday afternoon. We have 18 months of ongoing e-mails, dating back to January 2009. This was the first time meeting in person. The information shared during these meetings have been great!

Both women are very supportive and give me great advice in job searching, networking, and keeping my spirits high. It is now up to me to be extremely proactive in finding opportunities that allow me to exude my strengths and experience. I definitely know that I need an job that allows me to travel extensively to many different venues, sites, and regions (internationally preferable). I have been thoroughly enjoying the new experiences in New York the past 5 days.

The last time I wrote an entry, I had just woke up Sunday morning after the Carrera sunglasses VIP party on the rooftop. I got a brunch with V-Dub (Ryan) - Indian food nonetheless. I love me some good chicken tikka!

We then walked around midtown for an hour or so before getting Ryan a Britta-Water filter from K-Mart. Along the walk we met some Switzerland chicks that were traveling through the states for the next 3 months. They had unique names that I can't really remember right now (sounding like Naomi and Madeline). We gave them our numbers in case they needed some friendly US hosts for nightlife or dinner. Why not right?

From there we went back to Ryan's apartment to relax. I got a text from Kaitlin Prince regarding a BBQ in Brooklyn with some of her coworkers. I was down to go, but Ryan decided to meet up with some old work buddies from dinner. So we split up around 6pm for our evenings. I hopped on the subway to meet Kaitlin before hitting up Brooklyn. We got to the BBQ and there were about 15 people there from her work. Luke, Jonah, and Lindsay were the hosts at their quaint house in south Brooklyn. It was perfect.

A bunch of young, vibrant, and sexy people getting together for a classic chow down. There was chicken, burgers, dogs, corn, guacamole, and beer. Lot's of beer. I decided to stay away from the alcohol and focus on the conversations. Next thing I knew it was 12am and I needed to get back to Ryan's before my big Monday. Half the group was sloshed and Kaitlin and I waited for the train in Brooklyn for 20 minutes or so, talking and catching up on old times. Kaitlin is a great friend and a great New York host. I have been staying with her the last 2 night because Ryan's roommates just moved in on Monday. I met Kaitlin in Copenhagen on my study abroad program in 2008. She is an NYU graduate and originally from New Mexico. She is about to go on a trip herself, starting back home in NM, driving with a mutual friend from Germany, Jan.

I got back to Ryan's at 1:30am and prepped for the next morning, a 8 mile run before my Van Wagner meeting with Allison Lucey. I had a great run along the Hudson River on the bike-walk path that runs the entire west-side of the island. I ran all the way down to the financial district and back to Ryan's. So far, I have taken runs in Portland, Des Moines, and New York. The next two will be in Boston and Cape Cod. The traveling gym is also working out really well. I packed the pull-up bar that my dad bought me for my birthday. It collapses quite easily and I can strap it down to the outside of my backpack. It only has four bolts and a mini-allen wrench for setup and breakdown. My goal for the month of July is 3 sets of 10 pull-ups. I am around 207-210 in my weight loss regiment. 195 by the end of July is realistic!!! I just have to stop eating some of the crap that comes with traveling. I have only been to the supermarket once on my trip, and that was only for cherries, sliced turkey, and water. I have to make a point of getting to the market more often and stop eating out!!!

Back to the story....

The meeting with Van Wagner was scheduled for 3:30 EST, so I hung out with Ryan after my run in the morning. We walked to the bank and got breakfast / lunch together. After my meeting, I collected my pack from Ryan's and walked to Kaitlin's to drop it off and wait for her to get off work. Once she got off work, Ryan and her met me at the metro station before going to Bembe.

Bembe is this little salsa / reggae / african-drum club and bar in Brooklyn - very local. We got there around 12am for a drink and latin dancing. The music spanned so many different genres that it wasn't just a salsa club. The DJ's threw on records while a group of 3 or 4 drummers played with their hands to the beat. At one point, a Ludacris song came on with the drummers banging away to the beat. It was amazing! There was salsa music, african music, contemporary music, and everything in-between. Just as long as the music was uptempo, the drummers kept the party going. I was dead tired after 2 hours of dancing and we got back to Manhattan around 2:30am. I LOVED IT!

At 1:30pm Kaitlin and I woke up to get food at Cafe Mocha, a place she frequents in the East Village. I got a delicious omelette while Kaitlin grabbed a quick bagel sandwich before jetting off to work at 2:30pm. I sat around for another hour people watching on the patio of the cafe. From there, I went back to her apartment to gather my dirty clothes for some laundry. I finished laundry at 6:30pm and decided to go to the Yankee game by myself. Kaitlin was at work while Ryan was on a date with some chick from Las Vegas. Good thing for me that I knew a friend from Oregon that was going to be at the game, Connor Cayson. He is an Alpha Kappa Psi member and a California native. He is New York on a 2 day layover before studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain. He has a sister that lives and works in Tribeca. I got a scalped ticket for $10 on the corner because I arrived in the 3rd inning. The yanks were playing the Mariners, and the Mariners crushed 'em. Surprising, but not really because Cliff Lee was pitching.

I then hung out with Connor, his sister, and her friends at the game for innings 5-9. We then went to Billy's sports bar outside the stadium for a drink before going back home on train. I got home around 12:30am and passed out. Yankee stadium is ridiculous by the way. The most luxurious baseball park I have ever been to. It is way over the top and overstated. I like Citi Field and the Mets a lot more. If I live in New York, I'm going to Mets games above and beyond Yankee games.

Baseball is the BEST! So far I've been to Rosenblatt Stadium, Citi Field, New Yankee Stadium, and plan on going to Fenway this Friday for a Red Sox - Orioles game.

I can't wait.

The journey continues... and this time a posting from the perceptual office.

Much Love!