I just returned from one of the most peacful and alone days of my life. I walked around Valencia and then took a bus to the Art and Science center here. I spent the majority of my time there going throughout the main four buildings.

They have a concert hall that is bigger than the Kodak theater and the new Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles. The next building is a giant IMAX theater on the ceiling where they show discovery channel-esque movies. The next building is a Muesum of Science where they focus on creating a hands-on science experience. The final area-building is the Oceanografico, a giant aquarium and "Sea World" area. There were so many different animals and things to see throughout Oceanografico. My favorite animal was the giant Sea Lion that dominated all the other sea lions in their habitat.

Valencia is smaller and better than Barcelona. That is just my opinion.

That is all for right now, I leave Valencia and travel all day to Switzerland tomorrow to meet up with Philippe in Bern. Phil is a good friend that lived in my building in Copenhagen. I can´t wait to see the moat filled with bears, something my brother said that was there.


PS. My hostel here is great in Valencia. (Purple Nest Hostel)
Nice hostel was great as well. (Villa Saint Exupery)
Barcelona hostel was ok but very clean and big. (Alberg Pere Terres)