I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, I know your all dying to read about my life. (CHUCKLE) The reason I haven't posted is because of the gorgeous and beautiful weather we have been having in Copenhagen the past two weeks. I am talking heat and sun all day from 7am to 9pm. There is so much to do outside and so much to see. Additionally, I went to Oslo over the weekend in that time as well. So I might just break it down summary by summary into a list of things I've done since July 15, 2008 (My last post).

WARNING! THIS BLOG POST IS LONG and LARGE. Food and drink are allowed on this post, so grab a club sandwich (hold the mayo) and a Coca Cola. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. So sit back, relax, and prepare to read.

(Opera House in Oslo, Norway)
  1. Oslo Cruise. I wish I had more time to tour and be in Oslo because it was an amazing city just like Copenhagen. It felt a lot like Portland on a summer day because Oslo is situated in a Fjord and has a bay that cuts through the cities area, much like the river cutting through Portland. There are bridges to homes on the east side which is like the West Hills of Portland. When I was in Oslo, I saw the Noble Peace Prize Center, where they give the Noble Peace Prize every year. I got to walk around the gardens of the old Royal Home and walk up the roof of the Opera House. Additionally, I went to have lunch with a buddy, a Minnesota grad student, Karl, where we people watched and chatted for a couple hours (very relaxing). Back on the boat, we had dinners that were included in our cost and they were probably the ****** Five star meals we were all looking for. There was good vibes and energy throughout the boat and we culminated our efforts into party music and dancing at the club on the boat. Then everyone passed out Sunday (July 20)when we were back in Copenhagen.
  2. Klampenborg Beach. Hands down the sickest beach I have been to in Copenhagen. Oh wait, I have only been to two. But honestly, it was amazing and ten times better than Amager Stand Park (the other beach). The sand was softer, the people were better, the water was refreshing, and they had a full outdoor bar/restaruant on the sand playing good tunes. I went with Janos, Stefan, and Stacey, who all live in my building. Janos and Stefan are friends from Bremen, Germany (where Becks brew is made) they had a car from Germany and we all road tripped to the beach. We were there from 3:30 till 6:30 but it felt like we were there for an hour or so because the sun was still so high and the hordes of people were still beaching it. We got back and went to a small restaurant up the street where they all got Pizza and I got SHWARMA. Delicious Kebab style meat with veggies and sauce wrapped up in a flatbread. Delicious.
  3. Halvandet & Christiania. EPIC. I need to provide a little introduction to this day. The night before, a ton of summer international students went to the Kulorbar to celebrate a couple birthdays that were occuring this weekend (July 25,26,27). This is where my Aussie mate, Jarrod, was getting smashed because all of us kept forcing Fisherman shots down his throat. This was just an all-around fun, entertaining, and resourceful night (we got hot dogs later that evening). The next day, 4pm, the people who survived and were willing for the challenge, met at Nyhavn (local hot tourist spot) to take the canal boat over to Halvandet. ------Intermission-------I got there a little early to walk around and people watch. I ran into a large touring family of southern Americans (probably Georgia or Arkansas because one father had a Razorbacks shirt on, but another kid had a Bulldogs shirt on) and they were looking for the next best thing to do in Copenhagen. I told them to check out the Crown Jewels over at the Rosenborg Palace, something I hadn't done but was planning on doing (something I did get to later because you can read about it in this blog). ----Back to Halavndet----This place we headed to was surreal. Halvandet is a bar/restaurant/club/lounge/mini-entertainment park/ that had white-Miami style couches and lounges throughout with a central bar and sand to fulfill the aesthetic. There was also a beach volleyball court, mimi-put-golf course, and was situated on the water in the port where we could jump into the Baltic. The people that went were Andrew (Canadian), Jay (Australian), Jarrod (Australian), Claudia (Italian), Karl (Greek/Minnesotan), a couple Danish babes (Regitze and ??????), and Jay's friend that was visiting from Australia. We met up with some other cheeky Dutch fellows and had a great time. From there we decided to hit up Chrisitiania on our way back because it was on our way. Christiania is a small independent and "free" city situated in Copenhagen. They don't follow the goverment and have established their own methods of living. Basically, they are a bunch of hippies, squatting on hold military barracks and wearhouses, smoking weed and living a good and violent free life. (I liked it, it reminded me of Eugene - free spirit wise). We got a smoke and a drink and decided it was time for dinner. The group split from there and only Karl, myself, Jay, Andrew, and Jay's friend went to dinner at 'Mama Rosas' a dank mexican restaurant one of the Danish girls told us about. I then proceeded to make it home by myself because all the other guys lived in the same building near the restaurant. WHAT A LEGENDARY SUNDAY!
  4. Carlberg Brewery Tour. On a random Wednesday, a bunch of people decided that we could make use of the group discount at the Carlsberg Brewery. We didn't have a tour guide but just walked through the old historic areas of the Carlsberg Brewery. The beer dates back to the late 1600's, when it first started to gain momentum in Copenhagen. They have a counter of all the bottles they have brewed in their history and it was upwards of somewhere like 3 billion bottles? I think? With your entrance fee, you get two free beers at the end, which were of course delicious. I then proceeded to class. Good day.
  5. Islands Brygge Water Park. Oh what a park. Not a water park in terms of "American standards" it is just a small designated area on the banks of the port. On shore, there is a basketball court, quarterpipe for skateboarding, and a couple hotdog/ice cream stands. In the water area, they have inclosed a swimming area for children and adults, free of charge that is the size of half a football field. There is a jumping spot which is 5meters high (about 20ft). I went there with Charlie (Detroit/Ohio State U.), Steve (Portland, U.Oregon ), and Jan (Czech). We procceded to look at babes and watch some misrable European street basketball and decided we needed to come back and ball them up. We did two days later and got a good workout/sweat in. If we don't win the gold in Bejing this coming month in basketball, I am really going to be embarrassed for us.
  6. Frederiksborg Castle. What a huge castle! This castle is situated many miles north of Copenhagen in a small city called Hellerod. I actually found out that this castle was built primarily for the Royal family has a summer home. What an amazing summer home! They would leave the city area in the summer to go here because the rotten smell of the heat in the summer near their other castle (Rosenborg). This castle had huges gardens and a fantastic chapel and great hall. My favorite part of the castle was this mammoth fountain in the middle of the courtyard. I appreciated the sculpting of the fountain but was also extremely hot from the sun and I put my head in one of the water spouts to cool down. This castle now currently houses the Natural History museum of Copenhagen where you see famous pieces of art and sculptures. From the first floor of the castle, you have the older art dating back to the 1500's. As you make your way up to the top, it gets more dated. There was even an Andy Warhol of the current queen Margarethe II. I went to this castle with Jan (Czech) and he took all of the pictures. (My camera broke weeks before right after Berlin). I will upload some of the photos later when I get them from Jan.
  7. BBQs @ Katherine Kolligiate. This is just a little thing I like to call the USUAL. We do this about every week. Usually on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for dinner. We just set up the grill and cook some MEAT (AMERICAN STYLE. AMERICA FUCK-YEAH) [I just had to put that in there]. I'll either have a juice box or a beer, a chat, some basketball or soccer games in the backyard, and an overall good time.
  8. Rosenborg Castle. Don't mess around with my crown jewels! This castle houses the Crown Jewels of Denmark. It also stores a lot of old artwork and furniture from the castle dating back to the 1500's. This old king of Denmark, Christian IV, was a badass. He put his name on all the buildings that we see today. His crest is on both the Rosenborg castle and the Frederkisborg castle. I guess he was later to become known as "the architect on the Danish throne" because of the large number of building projects he undertook when king. The Rosenborg castle is much smaller than the Frederiksborg castle and it sits in the kings garden in the city center. Since it is so close to the parliment and stock exchange, this was the old day to day home of the royal family. The best room in this castle was it's great hall. This was basically the biggest and most extravagant dinning room I had ever seen. On one end, you had the throne of the king and queen. On the other end, you had the throne of the prince in line to become king. Of course it was probably used for a variety of functions, it was still the most impressive room of the castle.
  9. Unofficial Goodbye Party. (Thurs, July 31) All I can say is Beer Pong. This was the first time I played some official beer pong in Denmark. Steve and I kicked ass winning five games in a row before losing eventually to another set of Americans, Mike (Ohio State U.) and Ryan (U.Wisconsin). Competition is the name of the game and we sweating it out. My touch was on this night and we had two comebacks and one overtime victory led by yours truly. I brought over my iPod shuffle and I played the jams like any good fellow friend and neighborly DJ would. We had a blasty blast and this going away party as everyone danced the night away until 4am. Pete (U.Wisconsin) and Tyler (U.Wisconsin) set this one up for all the people who are not going to be at the official going away party which is set for this friday, August 8 [Something I will be missing] THANKS EVERYONE for MAKING GOOD MEMORIES!
  10. Final Exams. I have one final exam in Sports Economics at 9am on Wednesday. I also have a 10 page Small Business Plan regarding my fantastic idea of Pie-Shakes. [if you know me, you know what this is] I have to write this paper and it is due Thursday at 12pm. TIME TO GET TO THE LIBRARY....

Euro-Quest 2008 begins August 8. Get excited!

ITINERARY for those who care or want to know where I am in the future (SUBJECT TO CHANGE A LITTLE). Mark it in your calendar.
  • August 8, 9, 10, 11 - Paris, France
  • August 11, 12, 13, 14 - Pau, France
  • August 14, 15, 16, 17 - Barcelona, Spain
  • August 17, 18 - Nice, France
  • August 18, 19, 20 - Bern, Switzerland
  • August 20, 21, 22 - Munich, Germany
  • August 22, 23 - Frankfurt, Germany
  • August 23, 24, 25, 26 - New York City, U.S.A.
  • August 26 - 11pm - Arrive back in Eugene --(Can someone pick me up from the airport?)