I am in Frankfurt, Germany right now at my hotel. I got a single room for $45 dollars and decided to sleep in peace for my last night.

On my final days in Valencia, I went to the beach with a new friend I met at the hostel. His name was Bleek, and from Ghana. This was his nickname his friends gave him back in Ghana because he likes to rap and flow, similiar to Memphis Bleek, an American rapper. (I thought it was funny at the time). He had been living in Spain for the past 4 years and was laying over in Valencia a couple nights before his flight back home to see his family and friends. He said he hadn't been back in 4 years and was missing them. That is CRAZY because I have been missing home and friends and it's only been 2 months.

He also had some clippers and shaved my head once we got back from the beach. I was in desperate need because it was so hot in the Mediterranean and my hair was getting quite long. We and some other hostelers went out later for the Pub Crawl and I met some cool Candian guys and two awesome girls from South Carolina. We had a blast and got back to the hostel around 4am.

Once I woke up, I met up with the girls and saw the old cathedral in Valencia which claims to own the Holy Grail. I then got some buffet lunch with the Canadians before my night train to Bern, Switzerland.

I arrived in Bern the next morning and met James at the station. James is from Univ. of Oregon and studied with me in Copenhagen. We toured Bern and saw the Brown Bear pit on the edge of the city. It was sad because there was only one bear by itself and alone. We found out that they moved most of the bears out because they are building a bear labrinth/megahome.

We stayed at the same hostel in Bern and decided it would be a good idea to go hiking the next day in Interlaken for a day trip. We did not know that this would be the most legendary hike ever.

We got the hour train to Interlaken at 9am and arrived at the base of the mountain at 10:45am. We decided to save $15 by not taking the tram/lift up to the reccommended starting point. At the time, I was dying trying to climb up this mountain, about 1300 meters high. (this took about 2 hours). We had lunch at this point and then had to traverse the ridge of this mountain for 4 more hours to our peak elevation of 2127 meters. (1600 meters = 1 mile). I was ready to quit at 1900 meters, but James motivated me to keep going. It was definitely worth it! At 2127 meters above the lakes and city of Interlaken, we could see everything. We were even above the cruising altitude of helicopters and very small airplanes. It took us another 2 hours to decend the back side of the mountain to a smaller city and catch a bus back to Interlaken.

Overall, we spent a total of 8 HOURS HIKING and covered OVER 12000 METERS!!!!!
We crashed once we got back and slept like babies.

I then took a train to Frankfurt the next morning at 11am. I have been here since 4pm yesterday and fly to JFK/NYC at 2pm EURO ST. I arrive in New York 7pmEST.

Call me then.