I have a lot to write about and it has only been 4 days. First off, classes start today and I couldn't sleep because the light hits my eyelids earlier in the morning - (4:30am Sunrise).

I arrive from Logan International on Thurs. and was completely dead tired from the travel as I couldn't sleep on the flight over. I sat next to a contractor from Boston on my way to Dublin, had a lay over for 40min and got on my flight to Copenhagen. I was lucky on my next flight because I sat next to this trendy 20 year old named Simon from Copenhagen. He had been traveling the US and Canada snowboarding the past 5 months and was a real nice guy. He gave me the total run down about Copenhagen, places to go: (Beaches, Clubs, Museums, Parks, Music Festivals, Pubs, and much much more).

He told me about the biggest music festival in all of Copenhagen and Scandinavia for that matter which occurs this coming July 4th weekend. ( This festival is like Woodstock for Scandinavia, they have 200 groups performing the whole week starting today with major headlining acts performing this coming weekend. (Jay-Z, Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, Lupe Fiasco, Fredde Le Grand, Goldfrapp, MGMT, Duffy, Chemical Brothers, etc.) I really want to go but it is a 30 min drive out of the city with camping required and a 1,200 DKK (US$ 250) ticket for the weekend.

Back to the story...
So I got off the plane, waited around the Hilton for my complementary shuttle to the dorm while meeting some other students, both new and Univ. of Oregon students. My dorm room is huge, my building is grand, beautiful, luxurious, and should be so because I am paying way too much to live for 6 weeks. I was jet lagged so I passed out and couldn't even watch the Spain-Russia match while everyone else went out to a local pub.

Good morning! Good rest got me ready for a packed Friday here in Copenhagen. All the international students had orientation where I got to meet more and more international students. I am trying to be as socially available as possible. After the orientation, we had a little break and I went grocery shopping with a new friend Claudia from Italy. She is a graduate student and is very sweet, nice, beautiful, and interesting to talk to. I was amused as we got to the market and she wanted Pasta right away.

As soon as I knew it, dinner had approached and all international students were scheduled to go to the Welcome BBQ and Mambo Salsa Club later (only if you purhcased the social programme). This was the nicest fucking BBQ I had ever seen! The spread was unbelievable and I felt that this is where everyone started to open up and get to know each other. Me and some buddies from my dorm got to talking with another group of guys from another dorm and it felt like we became the 'Entourage' crew of the party. We al decided it was a good idea to pre-game back at my dorm before we hit the club and downtown city center.

We took the metro down to the club, almost getting lost, and partied extremely well. We all bought one round of shots each once we got there. I started dancing, (like always when smashed), and before I knew it was 4:30am and I was leaving the club with this gorgeous Swedish girl named Vivi. I walked her to her bus stop and she gave me her number the old fashion way - pen and paper. She is a dance major at Lund University in Sweden and came all the way to Copenhagen (45 min bus ride) to see her friends professional salsa dance at this club.

I got home solo and passed out until 5PM

Woke up and made an tomato/egg/bacon sandwhich at 6PM and did some laundry. Found out from Stacey (american student down the hall) that there was a party upstairs in another room. I made it to the party around 9pm and we talked and had some beers/wine and got to know one another. There were a couple Germans, Americans, and one Dane as we learned drinking games, other culture differences, and the similarities - DRINKING is no problem for us.

The Danish fellow Christian was our guide for the night as we decided as a group to go out downtown once again. He led us to this club called Kulorbar (The Color Bar) where it was around US$12 to get in. It was a great club with tons of people and an amazing DJ. I definatley am not up to par with these DJs here. Christian said that there is another place I might be able to spin at because he knows the staff and so forth. We all had a great time and all got back around 4am because we had a Business School scheduled social event Sunday afternoon.

We all got up and ready to go back to the city center for our planned activity. The Amazing Race! It was a day filled of walking and talking with new people as they divided us into new groups and gave us tasks just like the TV Show 'Amazing Race'. My chance to take pictures presented itself and I took a bunch. (Posted on Facebook and a couple here). I met some more students, both undergrad/grad and international/national. Walked around for about 4 hours and got to know downtown Copenhagen a lot better. We all finished at the Dubliner pub along the pedestrian street which is like 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. We stayed at this pub to watch the EURO 2008 final (Germany vs. Spain). The majority of people there were rooting for Germany and I was just rooting for a good match. I like that way Spain was playing and thought the German defense was crumbling from start to finish. We finished the match around 11PM and came back to the dorm where we all crashed due to dehydration and sore feet.

One weekend down, Five more to go.